Friday, January 6, 2017

Welcome to the world of Pluggable Databases in Oracle 12c

I'm new to pluggable databases in Oracle 12c, so I thought I would put my most common problems here in hopes that the solutions might help someone else.

Everything worked fine in my database until I rebooted the machine, and then I got:

ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress
01033. 00000 -  "ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress"
*Cause:    An attempt was made to log on while Oracle is being started up
           or shutdown.
*Action:   Wait a few minutes. Then retry the operation.
Vendor code 1033

The problem was that the pluggable databases do not automatically open by default, not that the initialization or shutdown is in progress.  It doesn't matter how long you wait (as directed by the message).

First, you must open the pluggable database to get it running again:

alter pluggable database all open;

I said "all" but you could specify a specific pluggable database.

This will get the database running until you reboot.  If you want it to automatically open, you must save the state:

alter pluggable database all save state;

Again I said "all" instead of the pluggable database name.

The following Ask Tom post goes into more detail on this topic, but it doesn't mention the misleading message you get from Oracle.

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