Thursday, April 23, 2015

Get Schema/DDL from Oracle Data Pump Export

Reposting this from the linked Stack Overflow article because this solutions works well and I want to be able to easily find it again:

impdp '/ as sysdba' dumpfile=<file> logfile=import_log.txt sqlfile=ddl_dump.txt

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Adding more than one Datafile to an Oracle Tablespace

If you need to add an additional data file to an Oracle Tablespace:

size 100m

More info from these posts:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Problems registering a Windows Phone 8.1 for Development

Why is it that things that should be simple are not.   Connecting my Window Phone to a Windows 8.1 machine to deploy my apps.    So, I installed Zune (???) and the Windows Phone SDK 8.1 (it took hours) and still had errors.   I ran the Windows Phone Registration tool and it consistently fails.  Reboots (phone and computer) do nothing to help, nor do new/different USB cables help.  There are many items out there to help.

This link:

And it leads to this link:

The solution (for me) turned out that I had to manually restart the Windows Phone IP Over USB Service.  It doesn't matter that you just rebooted, and it says it is running.  I got "Unable to connect to a phone. Make sure the Windows Phone IP over USB transport service is running" ever time until I manually restarted it.