Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Can't find Mime Types in IIS 7.5

I was installing a Web Application on IIS 7.5. Everything seems to work until I try to visit some of my pages and they just didn't do anything, no error messages or anything. Strangely, all of the .aspx files worked, it was just simple files like .htm and .jpb that didn't work.

I thought maybe the Mime types were not setup correctly, so I went to see what was defined. I couldn't find the Mime Types option in the IIS Managment Console.

It turns out that the Static Content option under the Http Features (under Server Managers, Web Server roles) was not installed. Installed the Static Content option in Server Manager and everything started working.


Anonymous said...

YOU ARE A HERO! Thanks.. saved me a lot of time.


Anonymous said...

You are my Hero too!!