Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pocket Outlook on Windows Mobile

The best reference (that I have found) for developing with Pocket Outlook on Windows Mobile can be found here:

These examples are in C#, but the conversion to VB.NET is pretty easy. Here is an example of some of the code in VB.NET:

Dim contactPicker As New ChooseContactDialog
Dim result As DialogResult = contactPicker.ShowDialog

If result = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then

Dim message As EmailMessage = New EmailMessage()
message.Subject = "GTViewer Photo"
message.BodyText = "........"

Dim addressee As Recipient = New Recipient(contactPicker.SelectedContact.Email1Address)

Dim picture As Attachment = New Attachment(filename)

Dim _outlook As OutlookSession = New OutlookSession()


End If

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